Lucy Facts

I LOVE LUCY premiered on television in 1951 and ran until 1957, having 179 episodes (plus the pilot and the Christmas Special). I LOVE LUCY stars Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo, Desi Arnaz as Ricky Ricardo, Vivian Vance as Ethel Merz, and William Frawley as Fred Mertz.

The concept of the show is that Lucy Ricardo is always getting herself in odd situations as she desperately attempts to get into show business, much to the dismay of her band leader husband, Ricky Ricardo.

The two most well known
I LOVE LUCY episodes may very well be:

Lucy Does a TV Commercial (Commonly known as the Vitameatavegamin episode) -- originally aired May 5, 1952.
In this episode, Lucy does a TV Commercial for vitameatavegamin, and doesn't realize that it contains alcohol and inadvertently gets a bit tipsy, with a hilarious outcome.

Job Switching -- originally aired September 15, 1952
In this episode, Lucy and Ethel get jobs at a candy factory, and hilarity ensues as they try to package chocolates as they come down a conveyor belt.