About LovingLucy.com

Loving Lucy first came on the web in December, 1997, as a small fan web page on the free web space that America Online offered to itís members. Over the past ten years, the site has gone through a number of changes, and has changed itís web address three or four times! LovingLucy.com is now here to stay!

Loving Lucy is going through some design changes, and the content is slowly being updated and placed back on the site; your patience during this time is greatly appreciated!

Any questions or comments can be directed to: webmaster@lovinglucy.com.

LovingLucy.com a fan website and is not associated in any way with CBS, Desilu, too LLC, The Arnaz Family, TV Land, or the owner(s) of I Love Lucy. This website is for entertainment purposes.

There is no purposeful intent to infringe upon or harm a copyright or trademark holders interest in their property.

The radio episodes that are posted from My Favorite Husband are posted with the belief that they are in the public domain, as the recordings were made prior to 1978, and sound recordings were not allowed under the previous copyright law.